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Managing the CannaHustle

We all know the cannabis industry is experiencing a tremendous amount of rapid growth and change. In my home State of California the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation released preliminary regulations for medical cannabis licensing and distribution late April.  More information on MMRSA and AUMA on the CALNORML website.  The responses from the cannabis industry and long time patients should be interesting. The fact that there are two different regulations for medical and adult use cannabis is baffling. As someone that has worked in an overly bureaucratic regulatory environment for their entire career, this seems like creation of dual systems for no reason 😑Person Shrugging: Medium Skin Tone on Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update . We’ll see how this fleshes out in the long run.

With a rapidly changing regulatory environment and seemingly endless opportunity many of us, myself included, are trying to find our place within the industry. I have been a long time advocate of cannabis and have been involved in the industry in other capacities so it seems like the right time to possibly make a complete career change. This is one of the many reasons I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to document my journey for those like myself that are trying to make a switch.

With endless amounts of information, it may be overwhelming for the average person which is why I feel so fortunate to be able to attend cost free courses at Magnolia Wellness on launching a cannabusiness. The most recent class covered development of a business plan, the next 10 weeks of courses will cover topics ranging from intellectual property, licensing, legal issues, building a team, and pitching your company ideas to potential investors. Despite the short length these classes ( one hour) they are a great start for anyone interested in launching a cannabusiness or for those currently operating a small business but need further information so they can be fully compliant come 2018. More on the series in the next few weeks.




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