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CMJ LIT Event: 420 Wellness

On May 7th I had the privilege of volunteering at the first 420 Fitness Wellness full day event at Meadow SF. The organizers did a fantastic job bringing together vendors, scheduling classes, and creating an all around LIT environment. I spent the early part of th420 wellness graphice afternoon filling goodie bags for attendees and helping out where needed then I was able to enjoy the festivities.

There was no short of weed around (obviously) so in between trying out delicious dabs at the VapeXhale  and Gopher Gold Girls tables, smoking delicious California Roll js with a few of my favorite people, or trying edibles from CBD Power Bars  or Miss Mary Jane Edibles I was able to attend a few classes. I may have to write about that Lemon OG Rosin dab I had at the Gopher Gold Farms table which was gotdamn amazing but let me get back to the subject at hand. My first class was medicated guided meditation which I loved. I meditate and medicate on a regular basis  so this was all me and oh so #blackhippy. I then chilled for a bit with some Citizen CBD to bring my high down before medicated yoga with Jean. With down tempo and trap in the background it was super lit, we even managed a few partner movements. Black Jesus was definitely with me I swear I was going to bust my ass :-D. All in all 420 Wellness was fantastic, what is not to like about cannabis, food, and holistic fitness. I will be at the next event, I hope you will too.

favicon-32x32Rating: 4.5/5👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


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