Strain Review

Strain Review: Cherry Cheese Cake

I stopped by #GreenDoorSF after a loooong ass day in an audit course. At the recommendation of my budtender I gave Cherry Cheese Cake from Bombay Premium a whirl. I walked up to the Green Door Smoke Lounge which is major key in SF, stuffed a cone then enjoyed this delicious strain.

The flavor profile is slightly sweet, reminiscent of a dark chocolate cherry with a pungent nose. This strain  was perfect for “Happy Hour”.  I felt incredibly relaxed and slightly euphoric but not antisocial. I was able to maintain amazing conversation with a fellow after hours stoner. My anxieties from the day seemed to melt away one puff at a time.

This was the first time seeing Cherry Cheesecake in my local dispensaries, I am assuming it is fairly rare. I have not been able to find much information about the cannabinoid breakdown either.  According to data found at Bud Genius  THC ~ 16.84% , Cannabidiol (CBD) 0.28%, and Cannabinol (CBN) 0.43%. Considering the fact that many strains are now 20+% THC, this breakdown explains the social effects. I personally don’t speak much  If you want a tasty flower that allows you to be relaxed yet social I would definitely give Cherry Cheesecake a try.

Rating: 3.25/4 Puffs 💨



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