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Self Care and Chaos

The Holidays can be an incredibly stressful time of year. Planning, buying gifts, endless social obligations, not to mention end of year deadlines. I live and work in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley. Life ALWAYS seems hectic, the Holidays seem to amplify everyday stress and chaos. I have to make sure I am taking enough time for myself to decompress and unwind. Today I literally looked at the data set on my laptop and cried. I felt so overwhelmed with end of year deadlines and my workload. We all have to get better at maintaining balance. Especially those of us like myself with intense performance based careers. After my mini breakdown I took a nap, grabbed my favorite meditation guide and my vapes. Before closing my laptop to sleep for a few hours I will make a point to use these tools to decompress. Self care is an essential part of maintaining sanity, health, and overall Happiness.

What are you doing to take a little timeĀ for yourselves?




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